Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization

Traditionally, testing teams had to wait for nearly completed applications to be deployed before proper functional, integration, and performance testing could begin. Service virtualization is ideal for those test-driven development (TDD) teams who want to expedite their production schedule by focusing their bug hunt at the API layer, where major problems down the line are often first introduced into system interfaces, rather than having to wait to test a more complete production-ready app.


Accelerate time-to-market by enabling parallel software development, testing and validation.

Test earlier in the SDLC where it is less expensive and disruptive to solve application defects.

Reduce demand for development environments or pay-per-use service charges.

Improves stability and aids in earlier defect detection.

Our Service
Virtualization strategy

Our teams perform API tests to verify & validate the functionality and behavior of interfaces through automated request generations and then validating the published responses. We adopt Service Virtualization testing to test your applications faster, enabling faster integration and release. Our complete virtualization strategy offers greater ROI by providing continuous testing, virtualization of test data, and network & automation of lab environments.



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