Legacy modernization

Legacy modernization

Transforming Legacy systems is a continuous process, that helps to reduce IT environment complexity and costs, improve data consistency, aid collaboration across platforms and enhances process flexibility. The bigger challenge in this process is the compatibility of the modernized system with the existing one.

Legacy Software Migration

Our team identifies and analyzes the Legacy application migration requirements and crafts a minimum risk strategy for the seamless transition of the Legacy application to an efficient and secure framework. After defining a plan for the Legacy environment and design, our developers manage the implementation of code and system upgrades for you.

Custom Software

Tymon Global offers end-to-end modernization, porting,  and re-engineering services for your business to acquire wider reach across platforms. We have a specialized team of software modernization experts to help you update earlier versions of Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, .NET, Perl, Python, Objective-C, and others to the latest versions to cater to your unique business needs.



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